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The Time-Space-Knowledge (TSK) Vision

Different fields of knowledge and transformative disciplines intending to further the health, well-being, and productivity of humanity often generate conflict and are at cross purposes. We are creating this forum to provide a common ground of TSK language, principles, and methods through which these fields and disciplines can cooperate and further each others’ pursuits.

Many differences among disciplines are due only to a lack of understanding of others’ jargon or meanings. Other conflicts are due to differences in the disciplines’ range of investigation or application—they are simply not addressing the same dimensions or spectrum of reality or consciousness. Establishing common ground should help resolve many of these confusing issues, help investigators focus on what’s important, and add precision rather than heat to their explorations.

Many fields limit—sometimes implicitly–their investigations to ‘normal’ and abnormal levels of consciousness and functioning. As a result most people have lost sight of opportunities for optimizing the human condition. So within the common ground it would be helpful to develop a vision of peak performance based on peak experiential qualities of people from numerous cultures and environments. Precisely what is the ‘zone’ that peak performers talk about? Preliminary efforts to identify desirable personality traits, skills, environments, or ‘best practices’ have been made, but in some cases have actually distracted us from what’s essential. What basic aspects of experience provide moment-to-moment feedback no matter what we’re doing in any situation? Besides ‘normal’ and peak performance, a forum should identify other relevant levels of functioning, as well as the ‘mechanism’ of transition from one level to another.

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