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Dr. Steve Randall, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow with a Ph.D. in East-West psychology, has long been interested in optimizing performance, both in terms of productivity and fulfillment.  His first research on engagement showed that  engagement in whatever task was at hand was a real-time self-actualizing motivator and driver of productivity and well-being, gradually obviating carrot-and-stick approaches, just as Abraham Maslow taught.  These studies used a real-time definition of inner or experiential engagement (which he was probably the first to define), rather than post-mortem surveys of behavioral engagement, wherein no congruent integration of inner resources is implied.  In 1995, summarizing 15 years of research with thousand of people, he wrote Results in No Time, a book introducing a cross-cultural vision of peak performance that optimizes productivity, fulfillment, quality, and work capacity all at once.  This included an essential operational definition of the so-called ‘zone’ of peak performance.  He was probably the first to provide such granular specification, going far beyond the description of peak experience in Csikszentmihalyi’s book Flow.  In 2011, a new transpersonal ‘psychology’ was described.  Flow, Glow, and Zero: Discovering the Zone of Peak Performance describes how change and development are possible without any need for the ‘normal’ psychological complexes that limit our freedom and human capacities.  This clarifies how we can naturally move toward peak performance without the friction and effort of time or our exclusive sense of self, making it possible to diminish the usual role of psychological issues in the workplace.  Formerly a psychologist, and time and stress management instructor, Dr. Randall is now doing executive coaching.   Email: stevrandal@gmail.com


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