A Peak Performance weblog

  1. Are you applying effort or control to something that feels separate from you, or does your activity seem to flow effortlessly “by itself?”
  1. Do things feel familiar, somewhat predictable, or even habitual, or does each new moment, along with all that appears in the momentary scenario, seem spontaneous and fresh?
  1. Are you looking forward to being done with the work, or are you currently fulfilled within your work-in-progress?
  1. Do objects and events take up space and appear to be separate and dispersed, or are do they seem intimately connected in and even as one space?
  1. Is there a private space or personal world that feels separate from everything outside, or do inner and outer, subjective and objective appear to be inseparable facets of the same undivided space?
  1. Is there a sense of self that stands apart from experience and externals, or do you feel identified with, or absorbed in, what is happening?
  1. Is knowledge simply something that you or others possess or lack, or is there a sense of being intimately part of what’s around you, knowing things that are happening ‘from inside’ them?
  1. Is knowledge only identification, categorization, judgment, and detached observation, or also an illuminating clarity merged with the subject being explored?
  1. Are there divisions among your self, mind, body, and personality, or is there a natural sense of wholeness, fulfillment, and satisfaction?
  1. Are you driven by a need or a desire for pleasure, or is everything being found to be immediately and inherently fulfilling?
  1. Do you notice a feeling of time flowing in the background, or are you timelessly involved?
  1. Does reality seem solid, fixed, and substantial, or does everything seem somewhat fluid or dreamlike?

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