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Carl Honoré, advocate of the slow movement, talks about how slowing down will make you a healthier lover and better worker.

Source: tech.co

Many articles like this one attribute a lot of the stress we feel in life to the speed at which modern suburban life moves.  While there’s no doubt about the increasing speed of modern life, there is considerable doubt about blaming our stress on speed.

Let’s take a look at a simple example that shows the difference between speed and stress:  a merry-go-round in a children’s playground.  The centrifugal stress  that you feel when the merry-go-round turns quickly depends on where you stand on the platform.  Stand near the edge and you will feel like you’re being pulled off by the momentum; stand near the center of the platform and you will not be pulled off, even if you do get very dizzy spinning around. Similarly, there is little movement near the center (eye) of a hurricane or tornado compared to the momentum near the periphery of the whirlwind.

But if the stress isn’t due to speed, what is the cause?


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