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Hello, everyone,
I would like to request help finding references to, or information that you might know about visions or models of peak experience, especially those that are closely tied to one’s direct experience (rather than focusing on ‘best practices’, e.g.). Some few years ago I developed a description of what is now often called the ‘zone’, a general vision of peak experience of any kind, including peak performance in the workplace, and presented it at a couple of ASTD-SV SIG meetings. (If interested, you can download my paper, Pfeiffer Zone article.pdf, published in The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual, an annual training and development publication by Jossey-Pfeiffer Bass, from http://groups.google.com/group/playing-in-the-zone A Powerpoint file, ExploringTheZone.ppt , an introductory presentation, is also included with this site’s files.) I worked on this partly because at the time I began doing my research, I couldn’t find any such organized vision. I did find a lot of good material by Maslow, especially in Toward a Psychology of Being and The Farther Reaches of Human Nature. I am aware of Charles Garfield’s early work, and I know of Csikszentmihalyi’s early work on flow (which seems to focus mostly on the time-energy aspect of peak experience, but pays little attention to, e.g., the space or awareness aspects). However, I don’t know of other significant research, especially in the past ten years or so. If you are aware of any work on a general vision of peak experience or peak performance, would you let me know?

Thanks very much,
Steve Randall, PhD


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