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My first post will be a pointer to a Google Group that I moderate, “Playing in the Zone,” at http://groups.google.com/group/playing-in-the-zone. “Playing in the Zone: Transformative inquiry via the TSK Vision” presents a vehicle for transformation, a nonsectarian adventure of the mind that explores various ways that reality and experience are structured. For example, there is the ‘merging’ of perceiver and perceived in peak experience, compared to ordinary experience, in which a perceiver is felt to be separate from what’s perceived. The ‘object’ of this adventure/exploration is to optimize experience and move toward self-actualization and peak performance in all areas of life. Transformative inquiry, a direct and effective way of presenting the Time-Space-Knowledge vision (see http://www.tska.info), may also help synthesize and coordinate the positions, principles, and methods of the various sciences, psychologies, spiritual disciplines, etc.

A Powerpoint file named “Peak Performance and Zone.ppt” is included on this site–this presentation focuses on peak performance during work (though most of this is relevant for any activities). For objectives and highlights of this latter presentation see this site’s page named “What’s the Zone of Peak Performance?” Corresponding articles on this material have been uploaded to this site, including an article published in the Jossey-Pfeiffer Bass Annual (for a training and development professional audience) named “Pfeiffer Zone article.pdf,” and “TheZone5.doc.”
Best wishes,
Steve Randall


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